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Cadre Strength

Staff strength under different categories as sanctioned, filled and vacant is shown in table.
Staff strength in the Institute as on 01.04.2018

Categories Sanctioned Filled Vacant
Director 1 0 1
Principal Scientist 9 6 3
Senior Scientist 12 08 04
Scientist 60 41 19
Total 82 55 27
Technical 106 87 19
Administrative 83 37 46
Skilled Support Staff 151 22 129
Grand Total 422 201 221

Employ Name Designation Discipline Tel. No. E-mail
Dr Arun Kumar Director Animal Genetic & Breeding 01437 220162 karunt04@yahoo.com, cswriavikanagar@yahoo.com, director.cswri@icar.gov.in

Animal Genetics and Breeding Division (Official e-mail id: agb.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr Arun Kumar Head, Principal Scientist Anim. Gen & Breed 01437 220137 karunt04@gmail.com
Dr. R. C. Sharma Principal Scientist Anim. Gen & Breed 01437 220137 rcsagb@gmail.com
Dr Prasanta Kumar Mallick Principal Scientist Animal Genetics & Breeding pkvetsrrc@gmail.com
Dr S.S. Misra Senior Scientist Anim. Gen & Breed 01437 220137 ssmisra01@gmail.com
Dr Indrasen Chauhan Scientist Anim. Gen & Breed indrasenchauhan@gmail.com
Dr Gopal Ramdasji Gowane Scientist Anim. Gen & Breed 01437 220137 gopalgowane@gmail.com
Dr Rajeev Kumar Scientist Biotechnology 01437 220158 rajivbiotech028@gmail.com
Dr S Raja Pandi Asst. Chief Technical Officer rajapandivet@yahoo.co.in
Dr Om Prakash Koli Chief Technical Officer 01437-220126 opkoli60@gmail.com
Mr A. K. Prasad Sr. Technical Officer
Mr. R.K. Meena Technical Officer
Mr Yogi Raj Meena Technical Officer yrmeena79@gmail.com
Mr Ram Rai Meena Technical Officer

Arid Region Campus, Bikaner (arcbikaner.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr H.K. Narula I/c Head & Principal Scientist Animal Genetic & Breeding 9414968748 hknarula67@gmail.com
Dr Nirmala Saini Sr. Scientist Animal Nutrition 9413172150 nirmala.saini@rediffmail.com
Dr Ashish Chopra Scientist Anim. Gen & Breed 0151-2250322 ashishchopra1234@gmail.com
Ashok Kumar Scientist Animal Reproduction and Gynaecology 0151-2250322 drashokkumar39@gmail.com
Dr Ghous Ali Scientist Agronomy 8094392230 alighous86@gmail.com
Sh Chandan Prakash Scientist Vety. Microbiology
Dr P.R. Sharma Chief Technical Officer Animal Genetic & Breeding 9460269546 prabhuramcswri@gmail.com
Dr Vimal Malhotra Chief Technical Officer Zoology 9929830003 vimal_mehrotra@yahoo.co.in
Mr Madan Lal Chaudhary Technical Officer 9829712472 mlchaudhary1966@gmail.com
Mr R.K. Singh Technical Officer 9660255965 karanravi1959@gmail.com
Mr. Hawa Singh Technical Officer 9460789254 singhhawa1960@gmail.com
Mr. Abhay Kumar Technical Officer
Mr Shashank Jain AAO 8239292504

Animal Nutrition Division (Official e-mail id:an.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr A. Sahoo Principal Scientist and Head Animal Nutrition 01437-220143 sahooarta@yahoo.co
Dr A.K. Shinde Principal Scientist LPM 01437 220168 akshinde58@yahoo.com
Dr S.K. Sankhyan Principal Scientist Animal Nutrition surendra_sankhyan@yahoo.com
Dr R. S. Bhatt Principal Scientist Animal Nutrition 01437 220143 bhatt_rs@yahoo.com
Dr S.C. Sharma Principal Scientist Agronomy drscs63@gmail.com
Dr Rang Lal Meena Scientist Agronomy 01437-220143 rl.meena1@icar.gov.in
Dr Kalyan De Scientist LPM 01437 220129 kalyande2007@gmail.com
Sh Banwari Lal Scientist Agronomy 01437-220143
Dr R.B. Sharma Assistant Chief Technical Officer
Mr M.C. Meena Asstt. Chief Technical Officer mcmeena72@gmail.com
Mr R.P. Chaturvedi Technical Officer
Tarun Kumar Jain Technical Officer 01737-143

Northern Temperate Research Station, Garsa -mail Id: ntrsgarsa.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr O.H. Chaturvedi Head & Principal Scientist Animal Nutrition 01902-272231 omharichaturvedi@yahoo.co.in
Mr Manoj Kumar Sharma Senior Technical Officer
Shri D.L. Verma AAO

Physiology and Biochemistry Division (Official e-mail id: apb.cswri@gmail.com)

Dr Raghvendar Singh Head Animal Biochemistry 01437-220165 raghdendar.singh@icar.gov.in
Dr S M K Naqvi Principal Scientist Animal Physiology 01437 220165 naqvismk@yahoo.co.in, naqvismk@gmail.com
Dr Davendra Kumar Principal Scientist Animal Reproduction 01437 220165 davendraror@yahoo.co.in
Dr Vijay Kumar Scientist(SS) Animal Physiology 01437-220165
Dr Rajni Kumar Paul Scientist Biochemistry drrajani1980@gmail.com
Dr. Vijay Kumar Saxena Scientist Biochemistry 01437 220165 drvijaysaxena@gmail.com
Dr Bahire Sanghratna Vishanath Scientist Animal Reproduction 01437-220165 drsangha15@gmail.com
Dr Krishnappa Balaganur Scientist Animal Reproduction 01437 220165 drkittyb@rediffmail.com
Dr Arpita Mohapatra Scientist drarpita.cswri@gmail.com
Satyaveer Singh Dangi Scientist Animal Physiology 01437-220165
Mr. Ranjeet Singh Senior Technical Officer

Animal Health Division (Official e-mail id: ah.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr S.R. Sharma I/c Head & Principal Scientist Veterinary Medicine 01437-220142 saarsharma@gmail.com
Dr F.A. Khan Principal Scientist Parasitology 01437 220142 fakhan1962@yahoo.com
Dr G.G. Sonawane Senior Scientist Vet. Pathology sganesh413@yahoo.com
Dr C.P. Swarnkar Scientist (SG) Vet. Parasitology swarnkarcp@yahoo.com
Dr Jyoti Kumar Scientist Vet Microbiology 01437 220142 jyotivet@gmail.com
Dr D.K. Sharma Scientist (Study Leave) Veterinary Medicine dr.dushsharma@gmail.com
Dr S.Jegaveera Pandian Scientist Veterinary Medicine 01437-220142 jeganicar@gmail.com

Textile Manufacturing and Textile Chemistry Division (E-mail Id: tmtc.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr D.B. Shakyawar I/c Head & Principal Scientist 01437 220179 dbshakya_67@yahoo.co.in
Dr. N. Shanmugam Principal Scientist Textile Manufacture dr.shanmugam@gmail.com
Er Ajay Kumar Scientist Textile Chemistry 01437 220179 kumarajay8171@gmail.com
Dr. Vinod Kadam Scientist Textile Manufacture 01437 220179 vinod.kadam@icar.gov.in
Shekhar Das Scientist Textile Manufacture 01437-220179 sekhar.tex@gmail.com
Shri Seiko Jose Scientist Textile Chemistry seiko_jose2005@yahoo.co.in
Mr Nehru Lal Meena Senior Technical Officer nehrulal@yahoo.co.in

Transfer of Technology and Social Science Division (E-mail Id: totss.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr S.C. Sharma I/c & Principal Scientist TOT&SS drscs63@gmail.com
Dr Raj Kumar Scientist Vet. Extension Education 01437 220155 rkcgohana@gmail.com
Dr. Leela Ram Gurjar Scientist Vet. Ext. Edu sindhu.iari@gmail.com
Dr S.L. Sisodia Chief Technical Officer (Veterinary Officer) shankar_1981960@yahoo.co.in
Mr B.S. Sahu Chief Technical Officer
Mr Ratan Lal Bairwa Senior Technical Officer
Mr. D.K. Yadav Technical Officer

Grassland and Forage Agronomy Section

Livestock Products Technology Section (E-mail Id: lpt.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr A. K. Shinde Principal Scientist and Incharge LPM 01437-220168 akshinde58@yahoo.com
Dr Y.P. Gadekar Scientist LPT 01437-220153 yogirajlpt@gmail.com
Dr. Arvind Scientist (LPT) LPT 01437-220153 lugaks3311@gmail.com

Farm Section (e-mail Id: farm.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Mr Shyam Singh Farm Supdt (T-9) and Incharge 01437-220160 shyamsingh661@gmail.com
Mr. M.R. Meena Sr. Technical Officer
Mr J.P. Bairwa Sr. Technical Officer

Animal Biotechnology Section (Official e-mail id: abt.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr R.C. Sharma I/c & Principal Scientist ABT
Mr Amar Singh Meena Scientist Biotechnology 01437 220158 amarsingh23@gmail.com

Fibre Physics Section (E-mail Id: tmtc.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Prioritization, Monitoring and Evaluation (E-mail Id: pme.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr A.K. Shinde Principal Scientist and Incharge 01437-220168 akshinde58@yahoo.com
Dr C.P. Swarnkar Scientist (SG)
Dr Y.P. Gadekar Scientist 01437 220153 yogirajlpt@gmail.com
Mr J.P. Meena Senior Technical Officer

Institute Technology Management Unit

Dr F.A. Khan Principal Scientist & I/c Parasitology 01437 220142 fakhan1962@yahoo.com

Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit (Official e-mail id: akmu.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Mr M.L. Jangid Chief Technical Officer & Incharge AKMU 01437 220149 jangidjjn@gmail.com

Administration (Official e-mail id: adm1.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Mr Suresh Kumar Chief Administrative Officer DPC 01437-20164
Mr. Harshit Agarwal Administrative Officer Store & Purchase Section
Mr. Neeraj Tanwar Administrative Officer ADM-1
Mr Ram Pal Verma Assistant Administrative Officer Adm -II 01437-220133
Mr K.B. Bairwa Assistant Administrative Officer DPC
Mr Shivji Ram Jat Assistant Administrative Officer ADM-I shivjiramcswri@gmail.com
Mr M.A. Khan Assistant Administrative Officer ADM-1 01437-220250 khan201038@yahoo.in
Mr Sanjay Sharma Assistant Administrative Officer Store & Purchase Section 01437-220177

Southern Regional Research Centre, Mannavanur (E-mail Id: srrcmannavanur.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr A.S.Rajendiran Principal Scientist and Incharge 04542-276414 as.rajendiran@gmail.com
Dr G. Nagarajan Senior Scientist Animal Biotechnology
Dr P. Thirumurugan Sr. Scientist LPM muruganvetlpm70@gmail.com
Dr. Thirumaran, SMK Scientist Animal Genetics & Breeding smktmaran@gmail.com
Dr Pachaiyappan K. Scientist Vet. Ext. Edu. 04542-276414 pachaiyappank@gmail.com
Mr G.Murali Technical Officer

Instrument and Electrical Unit

Sh K.K. Prasad Senior Technical Officer and Incharge 01437-220150

Horticulture Section (E-mail ID : horticulture.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Mr Sita Ram Meena Asstt. Chief Technical Officer and Incharge 01437-220154

Security Section (E-mail Id: security.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Mr S S Rao Security Supervisior 01437-220161

Estate Section (e-mail Id:estate.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Mr. Subhash Chand STO(Field Assistant (Estate))& I/c
Er K.K. Prasad Sr. Technical Officer
Mr M.S. Ghintala Technical Officer

H. R. D (email ID: hrd.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Dr S.K. Shankhyan Principal Scientist and Nodel Officer 01437-220281

Hindi Cell (e-Mail Id: hindi.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Mr J.P. Meena Senior Technical Officer

Workshop and Vehicle Section (E-mail Id : Vechile.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Sh Neeraj Tanwar AO,Incharge 01437-220166

Audit & Accounts (e-mail:fao.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Shri C.L. Meena A. F A O Audit & Accounts clmeena20001@gmail.com

Dispensary (E-mail ID:dispensary.cswri@icar.gov.in)

H. R. D (E-mail Id : hrd.cswri@icar.gov.in)