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Dr. Vinod Kadam

Designation:   Scientist (Textile Manufacture), Textile Manufacturing and Textile Chemistry Division (E-mail Id: tmtc.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Contact Details:  Division of Textile Manufacture& Textile Chemistry, CSWRI Avikanagar, Malpura(Tehsil), Tonk- Dist, Rajasthan 304501

Phone No. : 01437 220179(O), (R)
Mobile No. : 6377589466
Fax No. : 01437 220163
Email Id : vinod.kadam@icar.gov.in , vinod.vjti@gmail.com

Academic Background

Ph.D. (2018), RMIT University, Australia

M. Tech (Textile Technology) (2006), Mumbai University, India

B. E. (Textile Engineering) (2003), Amravati University, India

Diploma in Textile Manufacturing (2000), Board of Technical Education, India

Research Experience:

Research projects

  1. Textile engineering interventions for effective use of coarse wool and development of eco-friendly woolen products
  2. Development of animal fibre based diversified, value added products
  3. Development of biotechnology and nano based functional chemical finishing processes to wool and other animal fibre
  4. Development of Intelligent portable wool fibre analyzer
  5. A value chain for coconut fiber and its products: Manufacture of diversified products of higher value and better marketability to enhance the economic returns of farmers and coconut industry
  6. Design and development of rubber dam for small watershed
  7. Investigation of chitosan for medical textile application


Ten best publications

  1. Mukherjee, S., Darzi, S., Rosamilia, A., Kadam, V., Truong, Y., Werkmeister, J. A., & Gargett, C. E. (2018). Blended Nanostructured Degradable Mesh with Endometrial Mesenchymal Stem Cells Promotes Tissue Integration and Anti-Inflammatory Response in Vivo for Pelvic Floor Application. Biomacromolecules.
  2. Kadam, V., Truong, Y. B., Easton, C., Mukherjee, S., Wang, L., Padhye, R., & Kyratzis, I. L. (2018). Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile/β-Cyclodextrin Composite Membranes for Simultaneous Air Filtration and Adsorption of Volatile Organic Compounds. ACS Applied Nano Materials1(8), 4268-4277.
  3. Kadam, V. (2018). Multifunctional air filtration for respiratory protection using electrospun nanofibre membrane
  4. Kadam, V., Wang, L. & Padhye, R. (2018) Electrospun nanofibre materials to filter air pollutants–A review. Journal of industrial textiles, 47(8), 2253-2280
  5. Shakyawar, D. B., Shanmugam, N., Ajay, K., Kadam, V., & Seiko, J. (2018). Utilization of Indian wool in decentralized sector: an overview. Indian Journal of Small Ruminants24(2), 195-208.
  6. Kumar, A., Pareek, P. K., Kadam V. & Shakyawar, D. B. (2016) Anti-moth efficacy of neem on woolen fabrics. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, 15(2), 272-277
  7. Shakyawar, D. B., Raja, A. S. M., Wani, S. A., Kadam, V. & Pareek, P. K. (2015) Low stress mechanical properties of pashmina shawls prepared from pure hand spun, machine spun and pashmina-wool blend yarn, Journal of Textile Institute. 106 (3), 327-333
  8. Kadam, V., Chattopadhyay, S. K., Bharimalla, A. K. & Bindu, V.  (2014) Mechanical characterization of brown and green coconut husk, Journal of Natural Fibers, 11, 322–332,
  9.  Kadam, V., Meena, L. R., Singh, S., Shakyawar, D. B. & Naqvi, S. M. K. (2014) Utilization of coarse wool in agriculture for soil moisture conservation, Indian Journal of Small Ruminants. 20(2): 83-86.
  10.  Kadam, V., Shakyawar, D. B. & Goud, V. S. (2013) Ultrasound scouring of wool and its effect on fiber quality, Indian Journal of Fibre and Textile Research, 38 (4), 410-414.



Awards and Professional Affiliations


  1. Best paper award at 3rd world congress on nanotechnology at Rome, Italy (2017)
  2. Recipient of RMIT International PhD scholarship, RMIT University, Australia (2015)
  3. Named among top five performers in short course at ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai (2014)

Professional Affiliations

  1. Life member of The Institution of Engineers (India)
  2. Life member of Indian Natural Fibre Society
  3. Life member of Indian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization
  4. Life member of Indian Society for Cotton Improvement
  5. Life member of Indian Fibre Society