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Arid Regional Campus (ARC), Bikaner

The Arid Region Campus (ARC) of the Institute was established in 1974 as Division of Carpet Wool and Karakul Pelt Production at Bikaner to conduct research on sheep in arid region of the country. The campus is located at 28° 18' 0" N (28.3° N) latitude and 73° 30' 0" E (73.5° E)longitude at 236 meters above mean sea level in the heart of Thar Desert. The average rainfall is low (250 mm) and erratic. The temperature varies between sub zero (-2°C) during winter and high (49°C) during summer. The centre has 636 hectares of land. The campus is conducting research on genetic improvement of Magra and Marwari sheep breeds of arid region suitable for carpet wool production. Research on grassland improvement, nutrition and sheep diseases and wool processing and quality evaluation is being conducted at the campus. The campus provides best genotype of Marwari and Magra sheep to farmers on book value for genetic improvement of sheep.