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The Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute is a premier Institute of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) engaged in research and extension activities on sheep. It was established in 1962 at Malpura in Rajasthan. Now campus is popular by the name of Avikanagar The campus is located at 26° 12' 52.2" N (26.2145° N) latitude and 75° 45' 24.84" E (75.7569° E) longitude at 320 meters above mean sea level . The campus is spread over an area of 1510 hectare. It has three Regional Research Centres in different climatic zones of the country to develop region specific technologies. North Temperate Regional Station (NTRS) was established in 1963 in temperate region at Garsa, Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. The Southern Regional Research Centre (SRRC) was established in 1965 in sub temperate region at Mannavanur in Tamil Nadu. Arid Region Campus (ARC) was established in 1974 at Bikaner in arid region of Rajasthan. The Institute and its sub-stations have been working for enhancing the productivity of sheep by applying scientific methods and developing new technologies.

The Institute has developed new strains of Avikalin for carpet wool production and Bharat Merino sheep for fine wool production in temperate climate. The scientific breeding, feeding and management practices were developed for improving the production traits of Malpura, Marwari, Magra and Chokla sheep. A prolific sheep from crossing of Malpura, Garole and Patanwadi breeds has been developed and its performance evaluation is ongoing under semiarid climate. Some of the important technologies developed by the Institute are: Intensive lamb production for mutton, complete feed block for scarcity feeding, artificial insemination, embryo transfer technology, indigenous sponges for estrus synchronization, area specific mineral mixture, cost effective worm control program, disease data information system for organized sheep and goat farms and wool hair blended woollen products and meat and meat products.

Important Milestones of the Institute

1962-      Establishment of Institute at Avikanagar
1963-      Establishment of NTRS, Garsa, Kullu
1964-      Introduced Romney Marsh, South Down and Rambuillet sheep
1965-      Establishment of SRRC, Mannavanur
1967-      Office cum Laboratory building
1968-      Wet processing and spinning plant
1969-      Constructed Post Graduate Hostel building
                 Introduced Corriedale sheep at SRRC, Mannavanur
1970-      Constructed Medical Dispensary
1971-      Introduced Soviet Merino sheep
1972-      Constructed Animal Health laboratory
1974-      Establishment of ARC, Bikaner
                 Introduced Dorset and Suffolk sheep
1975-      Introduced Karakul sheep at Bikaner
1977-      Evolved Avikalin and Avivastra sheep
1981-      Constructed New Administrative Building
1983-      Evolved synthetic strains of Mutton, Nali and Chokla
1985-      Constructed NPB building
1986-      Developed disease data information system for organized sheep farm,
                 Evolved Bharat Merino sheep
1988-      Constructed Administration cum Laboratory Building at Bikaner
1989-      Constructed model rural slaughter house sheds at Avikanagar
                 Implemented planned flock health calendar
1990-      Lambs born using pelleted frozen semen
1991-      Developed protocal for freezing of ram semen in straws
1992-      Lambs born through embryo transfer technology
                 Established Asian Small Ruminant Information Centre
1995-      Constructed Central School building at Avikanagar and Office cum Guest house at Jaipur
1996-      Introduction of Awassi sheep
1997-      Introduction of Garole sheep
                 Transfer Goat Unit of WRRC, CIRG to CSWRI, Avikanagar
                 Establish VSAT facilities at Avikanagar
1998-      Developed protocol for cryopreservation of embryos
                 Implemented one anthelmintic drench per annum in sheep at Avikanagar
2002-      Complete feed block for scarcity feeding
                 Developed lamb feeding protocol
2004-      Constructed Guest house at Avikanagar
                 Recovered 24 embryoes in single flushing in Garole sheep
                 Implemented region specific worm management programme for sheep flocks in Rajasthan
2007-      Constructed Biotechnology building
                 Constructed Auditorium
                 Developed FROGIN
                 Developed area specific mineral mixture
                 Impregnated intra veginal sponges for estrus synchronization

2009-      Introduced Patanwadi sheep at Avikanagar
                 Established model micro watershed management system
2010-      Introduced Kendrapada sheep at Avikanagar
2011-      Constructed ATIC centre at Avikanagar
2013-      Meat Technology Lab - Extension of NPB building
2014-     Sale Counter, Security Section building, Horticulture section building,Community hall
                  Chokla Sector at Bikaner
2015-     Kisan Ghar, Sheep Washing Unit,Machine Shearing Unit, New Tube Well, Sport Complex, Childern Park
2015-     Herbal Garden,Renovated Shopping Complex,Office Boundary Wall, Renovated sheep sheds
2016-     PM Room & Sheep Health Laboratory

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