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Dr Seiko Jose

Designation:   Scientist(Textile Chemistry), Textile Manufacturing and Textile Chemistry Division (E-mail Id: tmtc.cswri@icar.gov.in)

Contact Details:  Division of TMTC CSWRI, Avikanaagr 304501

Phone No. : 01437-220179(O), 04872307857(R)
Mobile No. : 8420075513
Fax No. : 01437 220163
Email Id : seiko_jose2005@yahoo.co.in

Academic Background

Educational Qualifications

B.Sc - ( Industrial Chemistry); 2001-2004

M.Sc - (Textile Chemistry) ; 2004-2006

A.R.S  - (Textile Chemistry); 2012


Research Experience:

Industrial Experience – 6 years 7 months

Research Experience-  4 years 5 months



Awards and Professional Affiliations


University IInd rank  in B.Sc Industrial chemistry,2004, University of Calicut

University IInd rank  in M.Sc Textile chemistry,2006, Alagappa University

Best  Research papers in International Journals

1.     R Pandey, S Patel, P Pandit, N Shanmugam, S Jose. Colouration of textiles using roasted peanut skin-an agro processing residue. 2018. Journal of Cleaner Production. 172, 1319-1326.

2.      S Jose, N Shanmugam, S Das, A Kumar. Moth proofing of wool fabric using nano kaolinite.2018. The Journal of The Textile Institute.109,  225-231

3.      BB Kalita, S Jose, S Baruah, S Kalita, SR Saikia. Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle): A potential source of bast fiber. 2017. Journal of Natural Fibers. 1-9

4.      S Jose, R Das, I Mustafa, S Karmakar, G Basu. Processing of jute using water miscible conditioning agent. 2017. Industrial Crops and Products. 102, 1-6

5.      P Hazarika, D Hazarika, B Kalita, N Gogoi, S Jose, G Basu. Development of Apparels from Silk Waste and Pineapple Leaf Fiber. 2017. Journal of Natural Fibers, 1-9

6.      S Das, N Shanmugam, A Kumar, S Jose. Potential of biomimicry in the field of textile technology.2017. Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials. 6, 224-235

7.    D Hazarika, N Gogoi, S Jose, R Das, G Basu. Exploration of future prospects of Indian pineapple leaf, an agro waste for textile application. 2017. Journal of Cleaner Production. 141, 580-586.

8.   S Jose, L Mishra, G Basu, AK Samanta. Study on Reuse of Coconut Fiber Chemical Retting Bath. Part II---Recovery and Characterization of Lignin. 2017. Journal of Natural Fibers. 14, 510-518  

9.    AK Samanta, R Bhattacharyya, S Jose, G Basu, R Chowdhury. Fire retardant finish of jute fabric with nano zinc oxide. 2017. Cellulose. 42, 1143-1157.

10. S Jose, H Gurumallesh Prabu, L Ammayappan. Eco-Friendly Dyeing of Silk and Cotton Textiles Using Combination of Three Natural Colorants. 2016. Journal of Natural Fibers. 14, 40-49.

11. S Jose, L Mishra, G Basu, AK Samanta. Study on Reuse of Coconut Fiber Chemical Retting Bath. Part 1: Retting Efficiency. 2016. Journal of Natural Fibers. 13, 603-609.

12. S Jose, R Salim, L Ammayappan. An Overview on Production, Properties, and Value Addition of Pineapple Leaf Fibers (PALF). 2016. Journal of Natural Fibers. 13, 362-373.

13.  G Basu, L Mishra, S Jose, AK Samanta. Accelerated retting cum softening of coconut fibre. 2015. Industrial Crops and Products. 77, 66-73.