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BackWorld Zoonoses day was celebrated by ICAR- CSWRI, Avikanagar on 6th July

World Zoonoses day was celebrated by ICAR- CSWRI, Avikanagar on 6th July with inspiration of Director, Dr. Arun Kumar. On this occasion, a workshop cum Awareness programme was organized regarding importance of Zoonotic aspect of communicable diseases from animals to human or visa-versa, which was coordinated by Dr. S. R. Sharma, In-charge Head, Division of Animal Health. The programme was attended by the staff from main campus as well as from regional centres of the Institute, staff of IGFRI substation, medical personnel from Human dispensary and PHC Chandsen, school teachers, contractual workers and farmers. Dr. Sanjiv Choudhry, Block Chief Medical Officer, Malpura was the Guest of Honour. Two detailed presentations on sheep zoonotic diseases viz. Brucellosis and Johne’s disease (JD) / Crohn’s disease (CD) were made. Dr. C. P. Swarnkar discussed the important aspect of brucellosis both in animals and human beings and emphasised that brucellosis incidence in humans is much more than what is available in record and as such requires thorough and realistic documentation.  Dr. G.G. Sonawane made presentation on JD (in sheep) or CD (in human), caused by a very hardy bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies Paratuberculosis. Person infected with this bacterium may suffers from severe illness and even death. Dr. S.R Sharma emphasised on the concept of “One Health” and stressed on importance of harmony (among human, animals, plants and environment) to control and minimize the occurrence of diseases. Dr. Raghvendra Singh emphasised on importance of water borne diseases and expressed concern about the destruction of natural habitats of animals. Dr. Sanjiv Choudhry, detailed about the current zoonotic covid-19 pandemic and gave comprehensive strategies including vaccination for protection from this deadly disease. Dr. Arun Kumar, Director of the Institute warned all that we should not be careless about these communicable diseases. We should remain vigilant about such diseases and protect ourself. Dr. L. R. Gurjar, co-convenor compered the program and proposed the vote of thanks. Special thanks were given to organizing committee members – Drs. S. S. Dangi, D. K. Sharma, Arvind Soni and Srobana Sarkar for making the program smooth and successful.