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BackHealth camp and off campus training on balanced feed preparation organized under Magra field Project (NWPSI), ARC, CSWRI, Bikaner

 A health camp was organized under Magra field Project of NWPSI by ARC, CSWRI, Bikaner at Kotra village which is situated about 30 km away from Bikaner city on 30.08.2013. About 3500 sheep and goat were vaccinated against primary dose of Entero-Toxaemia and need based treatments were given to sick animals. Off campus training program on preparation of balanced feed was also organized in the same village and about fifty sheep rearers participated. The balanced feed was prepared by utilizing low cost feed ingredients including urea, jaggery, wheat bran, mineral mixtures, common salt etc for the scarcity period. Dr. A.K. Patel, PI and Head narrated the famers about the objectives and mandates of the Magra field Project. Dr. R.K. Sawal, PS, Animal Nutrition demonstrated the process of preparing feed blocks. Sheep rearers were also educated for use of genetically superior rams of Magra breed for quality carpet wool production by Dr. H. K. Narula, PS, AGB. About ten villages under three centres have been identified for Magra field project and in future the same program will be organized in other adopted villages.