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BackIndustrial Visit of Dept. of Life Sciences Students to SRRC, Mannavanur on 25/01/2019

A team comprising 83 students (Under graduate final year, 58 and Post graduate final year, 25) and three faculty members  from the  Department of Life Sciences, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore-560077 had made an industrial visit to Southern Regional Research Centre (SRRC), Mannavanur under the leadership of  Dr.Challaraj Emmanuel, E.S., Associate Professor, on 25th January 2019. The core subjects for the undergraduate students were Biotechnology/ Microbiology, Biochemistry & 9Genetics. On the other hand, the major discipline of the post graduate students was either Biotechnology or Microbiology.


At the outset, Dr. A.S. Rajendiran, Principal Scientist and Officer In-charge of SRRC Mannavanur proposed the welcome address and briefed about its history, objectives, milestones, species of focus and all about the activities undertaken. Dr. G. Nagarajan, Senior Scientist (Animal Bio-technology), delivered a lecture to the students on “Utility of the Biotechnological tools in the Sheep Husbandry and Rabbitry” & further he spoke about the common infectious diseases of Sheep and Rabbits as well as different types of vaccines being commonly used in Veterinary sciences. .Dr.S.M.K.Thirumaran, Scientist (Animal Gentics & Breeding) explained about the various breeds of Sheep & Rabbits and their utility in different geographical areas of our nation.  The lectures were subsequently followed by brief students’ – scientist’s interaction.


All the students got enlightened their knowledge in the areas of biotechnological tools for improving livestock production, disease diagnosis, vaccines, managemental aspects of sheep husbandry &        Rabbitry and expressed their gratitude to SRRC, CSWRI for giving them adequate information of their interest.  Surprisingly, the faculty members of the said college are much eager to look forward for having MoU for the mutual exchange of   resources,  expertise and scientific knowledge.  Finally, Dr. S.M.K.Thirumaran , Scientist, explained about the various employment opportunities available for the students and thanked the students, faculty & administration of the college from Silicon valley of India, for having chosen the centre for their Industrial Visit and welcomed them for future programs of the kind.