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BackNational Workshop on Sheep Database Management System

Project Co-ordinator cell of Network Project on Sheep Improvement (NWPSI) and Mega Sheep Seed Project (MSSP) have successfully organized three days’ workshop on “Sheep Database Management System” during 08.01.2019 to 10.01.2019 at ICAR-Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar.

The participants for the workshop were PI’s and Co-PI’s of ten co-operating units of NWPSI and MSSP and the Scientist In-Charges of Breeding projects from the ICAR-CSWRI regional stations. The inaugural session was chaired by Dr. Arun Kumar, Director ICAR-CSWRI & Project Coordinator Sheep Breeding NWPSI and MSSP.

During the workshop hands on training for working of the Sheep Database Management Portal (www.sheepdbms.org.in) was given to all the participants. All participants were provided with the DBMS manual, standard data formats, tables and required data. They were trained for uploading the data on sheep DBMS portal in the required format of growth, reproduction, inventory, GFY, morbidity, mortality, culling and disposal. Participants were also taken for scientific visit to different sheep farms and also rabbit unit of CSWRI. A field visit was organised at the village under Malpura Unit-MSSP for demonstrating the scientific rearing practices in field for Malpura sheep. Three expert lectures regarding nutritional management, general sheep farm management and healthcare in sheep farm were also delivered by Dr. A. Sahoo (Head AN), Dr. A. K. Shinde (IC PME) and Dr. C. P. Swarnkar (Sr. Sci. AHD). Dr. Arun Kumar (PC and Director CSWRI) congratulated all the participants for successful completion of their training. Discussions on ATR, budget etc was also conducted. All the participants gave their feedback on the workshop and conveyed that the programme has strengthened their knowledge and skills related to sheep Database Management and workshop will make them more confident in data analysis related to sheep.