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BackCelebration of International Yoga Day at Southern Regional Research Centre, Mannavanur

Southern Regional Research Centre (SRRC, ICAR-CSWRI), Mannavanur, celebrated 3rd International Yoga Day on 21st June 2017. Besides the nine regular staff of SRRC, the highlight of this event is that a team from the Govt. Higher Secondary school, Mannavanur, was also actively participated. The team from the said school consisted of 35 boys, 53 girls, seven men & three women teachers and the team was led by Mr.S.Muruganantham, the Head Master of the school. Mr.Nagendran, Ex-DRO of Dindigul was the chief guest for this occasion. At the outset, Dr.A.S.Rajendiran, Officer Incharge of the centre proposed the welcome address and spelled out the outline of the program. Theoretical aspects on the importance of the Yoga in the day to day activities of human life were narrated by the Scientific and Technical staff of SRRC.   The practical aspects of the Yoga were demonstrated by Dr.P.K.Mallick, Senior Scientist of the centre.  Surya Namaskar was the first item among the practical aspects of Yoga and it was followed by various Aasanas.  Finally, the event was end with the breathing exercises including the Pranayama. The participants of both SRRC and the school were actively participated and perfectly performed various Aasanas with full of enthusiasm. Further, all the participants had given the assurance that   they would be certainly performing Yoga on every day of their routine life owing to the beneficial effects of Yoga learnt by them on this wonderful Yoga day.