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BackThe QRT meeting of ICAR-CSWRI held on 8thMarch, 2017 atAvikanagar

At the onset of the meeting, the Director of the Institute, Dr. S.M.K. Naqvi welcomed the Chairman, QRT,Dr. M.L. Madan, Ex-DDG, Animal Science, Ex Vice-Chancellor of the DUVASU, Mathura. Further, the Director also appraised the QRT about the scientific and infrastructural achievements of the Institute and Network Project on Sheep Improvement and Mega sheep Seed Projects.The Chairman reviewed the research progress (2011 to 2015) of all the units of Network Project on Sheep Improvement and Mega Sheep Seed Projectslocated in different states of the country.The Chairman appreciated the contribution of units in supplying elite rams of different breeds in the native tract for genetic improvement and productivity of sheep. Dr C.P Swarnkar, Member Secretary recorded the proceeding of the meeting.