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BackMalpura lamb achieves body weight of 35.3 kg at 4 months age

The Malpura animals are being maintained at farm and propagated in the field under Mega Sheep Seed Project funded by ICAR, New Delhi. A male Malpura lamb (IM 7224) was born on 17.8.2016 at the institute with birth weight of 3.7 kg. This extraordinary animal gained body weight of 27.5 kg at 3 month (at weaning) and 35.3 kg at about 4 month of age.  It recorded high Pre-weaning average daily gain of 264.44 gram and in post weaning phase achieved average daily gain of 288.89 gm. The superior growth achieved by this animal in semi-intensive management system indicates the potential of Malpura sheep as a mutton producing breed and its scientific rearing can enhance the mutton production in the country.