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BackQRT meeting on 22nd – 23rd November 2016 at CSWRI, Avikanagar

The QRT team consisting of Chairman Prof M.L. Madan and members Dr K.T. Sampath, Dr N. Kondaiahand Dr P.S. Birthalvisited the Institute from 22-23 November, 2016 for appraisal of research activities and achievements, management practices, infrastructural development, man-power, HRD activities, linkages, economic impact etc.The Director of the Institute welcome the Chairman and Members of QRT. He briefly introduced the activities, achievements, facilities created and major initiative undertaken during 2011-16 at main campus and Regional Stations.

In the opening remarks, Chairman emphasized that QRT play an important role in critical evaluation of research projects, infrastructure and equipment facilities and suggestion of newer area of research for benefit of end users. Chairman stressed that Institute progress is reflected through deliverables made to people for enhancing the economy. He emphasized that everyone in Institute should be well aware about goal and mandate of institute, assess research outcome in both qualitative and quantitative form, consider input – output ratio and cost economics of a technology at farmer level.The QRT team critically evaluated the ongoing research activities at the Institute.The QRT team visited the institute farm for on spot appraisal of sheep sectors, herbal garden, waste utilization and organic manure production unit, modern sheep washing facilities and agricultural farm. The Chairman of QRT while addressing the scientists, technical officers and administrative staff of the Institute expressed that institute is continuously progressing and emerging as leading animal science institute specially for small ruminants. He suggested that maintain the pace of development of institute it is essential for staff to remain vigilant about what is required for tomorrow. The practice of framing future vision and planning in phased manner with clarity in vision and team efforts should be strengthened.