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BackOfficials of KHAMIR (Kachchh Heritage Arts Music Information Resources), Kachchh, Gujarat visit to ICAR-CSWRI, Avikanagar

Ms. Juhi Pandey, Director, KHAMIR and Mr. Paresh Mangaliya, Programe Manager visited CSWRI, Aviakanagar on 5.9.2016. KHAMIR officials were taken to Livestock and Agricultural farms: Experimental sheep sector No.9 (Dumba sheep, Rabbit and Azola), Goat Sector, Herbal Garden, Avikalin unit and washing facility, Avishaan sheep unit and Shearing section. Dr.A. Sahoo, Head, Animal Nutrition Division briefed the officials about Institute research activities and achievements. In the afternoon, KHAMIR officials visited Textile Manufacturing and Textile Chemistry Division, wool processing division and the product development activities of the division. Dr.N. Shanmugam, InCharge, TMTC narrated about the on-going research programs in coarse wool utilization and wool processing technologies. Director, KHAMIR was overwhelmed by the activities of Institute and has opined that CSWRI is carrying out the projects in a scientific, meticulous and efficient way. Finally, it was proposed to develop sheep wool value chain in Kachchh as a collaborative process between KHAMIR and CSWRI.