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BackInnovative Idea of Waste Wool Management-A eco-friendly approach of CSWRI, Avikanagar

Wool processing industries of the country nearly 10 to 15% of the total wool processed has waste raw wool or some woolen product waste (viz. carding, combing, spinning wad weaving wastes) which is of no use for them and being discarded or dumped on the ground. These wool waste are voluminous, light weight and proteins in nature and may cause serious environment hazards and air pollution. These fine wool particles floating in air may cause severe allergic rhinitis in human. There was a need to have efficient environment friendly wool waste disposal system to overcome the problem. These all organic materials available in any form are hygroscopic in nature and has got the property to hold the water for longer duration. This property of the matter can be very well used in the agriculture production purposes. Keeping this idea in mind CSWRI Avikanagar has developed promising wool waste based manure for agriculture.  

As per guidance and motivation of Dr S.M.K. Naqvi, Director CSWRI, Avikanagar, a program of utilization of waste wool in agriculture field and safe disposal was conceptualized and initiated at Institute level at Farm section and composting has been carried out since last 2-3 years. A series of small experiment has been carried and encouraging results has been obtained in terms of longevity of moisture retention and better biomass production. Further bulk waste wool was collected from Bikaner woolen mills and composting of these waste wool, sheep manure and crop residues was carried out in ratio of 30:50:20. The newly developed waste wool based compost manure is giving better results in comparison to other compost material and very much helpful in raising indoor and outdoor ornamental plants in pots in multistory buildings, malls, corporate offices airports in metro cities with little care. The effort made in the direction has been very well acknowledged and appreciated by dignitaries and research advisory committee members visited CSWRI, Avikanagar.

Weighing of waste wool for composting

Research advisory committee members visited composting site

Wool based compost