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A ’Field Day’on Azolla Production was organized on 9th December, 2015 at Farmer’s Field in the village Soda. A total of 35 farmers participated in this programme. Director of the Institute, Dr S.M.K. Naqvi elaborated the importance of Azolla in the feeding of animals as protein and phytonutrient supplement and stressed up on establishing Azolla Unit at each and every farmer’s field. He told that one can harvest year-round green fodder with negligible expenditure and labour input. Dr A. Sahoo, Head, Division of Animal Nutrition summarized the feeding technique, detailed its nutritional value and also storage of surplus during monsoon to feed during scarcity. Looking at its feeding value he highlighted its name as ‘Hara Sona’. Dr S.C. Sharma, Principal Scientist described the farmers’ friendly technique involving minimum investment to establish an Azolla Unit and its maintenance round the year. ShGobardhan Ji, a progressive farmer from Soda village shared his experience of its feeding value to his animal flock. Dr L.R. Gurjar, Scientist (TOT&SS) explainedabout the Government Scheme that supportsRs 4000/- each farmer for its establishment. Director distributed leaflet on Hindi describing ‘Azolla Production and its Usage’ to 12 identified farmers under this scheme. At this occasion, Dr A.K. Tomar, Head (AG&B), Dr S.K. Sankhyan, PS(AND), Dr G.L. Bagdi, PS(TOT&SS), Dr Rajkumar, Sh Roop Chand and other TOT persons shared their views and experience with the farmers.