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BackA field day cum Farmers’ training and Kisan Gosthi at NTRS, Garsa

A field day cum Farmers’ training and Kisan Gosthi was organized in the remote village Rogna, P.O. Thela of Kullu district on 11-09-2015. About 35 farmers including farm women participated in the programme. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Om Hari Chaturvedi emphasized on the importance of scientific feeding of animals. He also explained preparation of cheaper and nutritious animal feed using locally available ingredients as well as benefits of using mineral mixture feeding. Dr. Debabrata Sethi discussed on symptoms and prevention of different animal diseases. He also talked on importance of breeding and management practices. Sh. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Sr. Technical officer told the importance of keeping the animal sheds, village and the surrounding clean. The participating farmers discussed on various problems related to livestock and their queries were addressed. Participants showed interest on attending the on campus training programme to learn advance practices with hands on experiences on the farm practices. Sh. Pradip Kumar, Pradhan of the Yuvak Mandal cooperated in organizing the programme and tender the vote of thanks at the end of the programme.