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BackFat tail and rump sheep (Dumba) : A Survey

Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute conducted a survey on fat tail and fat rump (Dumba) sheep in and around Jaipur and Ajmer districts of Rajasthan. Dumba sheep is not indigenous and exact source of origin of these animals is not known. Main objective of rearing and keeping theseanimals by entrepreneur or live animal traders is to fetch a huge sum of money during the Eid festival as they have great aesthetic and religious value. Elite people spend huge money on purchasing these animals. The market price of these animals in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities is very high as claimed by entrepreneurs. Adult males are sold at the rate of Rs90000 to150000, female Rs70000 and lambs Rs15000-30000 in the market.

Four different genetic groups based on distribution of the fat in rump, tail or both are found in theregion.

  1. Fat rump sheep group I: Good deposition of fat on rump and no evident tail.
  2. Fat rump sheep group II: Little different phenotypic confirmation from group I.
  3. Fat tailed sheep without fat rump: Developed from the crosses of exotic fat rump sheep withnative sheep, also called as Nagori Dumba, they do possess fat tail
  4. Fat tail as well as fat rump.  Fat rump male and female weigh 92.50 kg and 65.67 kg with rumpcircumference of 39.75 and 28.60 inches at 12 month of age.

Institute is planning to take up the research work on Dubma sheep during XII plan on multiplicationand propagation by AI for enhancing mutton production and meeting demand of Dumba sheepduring Eid festival.