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BackFuture Sires of prolific and Malpura Sheep

Prolific three breed sheep is the future of sheep husbandry. At CSWRI Avikanagar, prolific sheep is being produced and top ranking sires are utilised for breeding in the flock. Following ram lambs of three breed prolific sheep and Malpura sheep those attained maximum 6 month weight are displayed over here. Prolific sheep ram lambs are nearly 60% higher in weight than the average 6 weight of the contemporary flock. Similarly, Malpura ram lambs are nearly 33% higher in 6 month weight than contemporary flock. These sires will be used for breeding for higher genetic gain in the coming generation.


Future Sires of Prolific  Sheep





ID: A264

Date of Birth: 19/01/14

Birth Wt:4.50 kg

Weaning Wt: 24.60 kg

6 Month Wt: 43.76 kg



ID: A299

Date of Birth: 28/01/2014

Birth Wt: 4.50 kg

Weaning Wt: 24.42 kg

6 Month Wt: 43.50 kg




ID: A283

Date of Birth: 24/01/14

Birth Wt: 3.66 kg

Weaning Wt: 22.35 kg

6 Month Wt: 43.00 kg



ID: A305

Date of Birth: 30/01/14

Birth Wt: 4.00 kg

Weaning Wt: 24.82 kg

6 Month Wt: 42.80




ID:                              A256

Date of Birth:          16/01/14

Birth Wt:                  5.20 kg

Weaning Wt:           21.10 kg

6 Month Wt:            42.08 kg




Future Sires of Malpura sheep


ID:                             6221

Date of Birth:          15/01/14

Birth Wt:                  3.00 kg

Weaning Wt:           24.00 kg

6 Month Wt:           34.00 kg



ID:                             6303

Date of Birth:          26/01//2014

Birth Wt:                  4.00 kg

Weaning Wt:           22.60 kg

6 Month Wt:            34.00 kg



ID:                              6225

Date of Birth:          16/01/14

Birth Wt:                  2.60 kg

Weaning Wt:           21.00 kg

6 Month Wt:            30.00 kg



ID:                              6251

Date of Birth: 19/01/14

Birth Wt:                  3.60 kg

Weaning Wt: 22.60 kg

6 Month Wt:            32.00 kg



ID:                           6280

Date of Birth:        22/01/14

Birth Wt:                3.00 kg

Weaning Wt:        21.00 kg

6 Month Wt:         32.60 kg