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BackHigh litter weight achieved by Sirohi Goat

 A Sirohi doe no. 4681 produced triplet kids 6318 (Male), 6319 (Male) and 6320 (Female). The litter weight at birth was 9.59 kg with individual birth weight of kids 3.40, 3.36 and 2.83 kg, respectively. The litter weights at 1 and 2 months of age were 17.60 and 28.56 kg, respectively. The litter weight achieved at 3 months of age (weaning) was 37.58 kg with individual weights of 12.40, 14.76 and 10.42 kg, respectively.  The litter weight achieved at 6 months of age was 61.50 kg with individual weights of 20.70, 23.90 and 16.90 kg, respectively. These litter weights both at 3 and 6 months of age were about three times higher than the average litter weights of single litter bearing does. The average daily gain (ADG) in litter weight upto 3 months of age was 311 g with ADGs of individual kids as 100, 126.67, 84.33 g, respectively. The litter weight ADG was 265.78 g from 3 to 6 months of age with individual ADGs of 92.22, 101.56 and 72 g, respectively. Litter weight weaned per doe exposed to the buck is an important indicator of reproductive output in a meat goat flock. Multiple birth increases doe productivity which in turn provides the farmers higher profitability from small number of females in a shorter period of time. The doe 4681 was born as twin whereas the sire 5520 was born as single. Out of its three kiddings, the doe produced more than one offspring twice. During 2013-14 kidding, about 22% of the kids born in the flock were twins & triplets.

Several factors (genetic and environmental) are assumed to be responsible for twinning in goats, but separately any one of them has not been conclusively established yet. It has been observed that goats born as twins are more likely to produce twins than those born single. Better nutrition in terms of providing feeds with the essential nutrient contents to the does shortly before breeding (flushing) can increase ovulation rates which may lead to twinning/multiple births.

Growth performance of the triplets at different ages
Triplets with their mother at two month of age
Triplets with their mother at six month of age