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BackElite Breeder Sheep and Goat Auction on 24 March 2013 at CSWRI Avikanagar


CSWRI Avikanagar is organizing auction of Patanwadi, Malpura and Chokla sheep and Sirohi goat males for breeding purpose on 24 March 2013 in the campus. Rams and bucks for auction will be display on 23 March 2013 in the Kisan Mela. Interested farmers, breeders, government farms and private commercial farms can participate in the Kisan Mela on 23 March and Auction on 24 March 2013. Animals will be sold to farmers, breeders for breeding purposes only. None of these elite breeder animals will be sold for slaughter purposes.

The average age and body weights of rams of Patanwadi is greater than 2 year and weighs 60-65 kg, Malpura breed is aged 1.5 - 2.0 years and weighs 40-45 kg and Chokla breed is also greater than 2 year and weighs 50-52 kg. Sirohi buck weighs 40-45 kg and age is older than 2 year.

Some of the actual photographs of Patanwadi, Malpura and Chokla rams and Sirohi bucks are displayed here for physical appearance and body condition.

  Auction_Malpura-2  Auction_Patanwadi-3  Auction_Sirohi-1