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BackScience Day Celebrated at CSWRI

The national science day was celebrated at the institute on 28.02.14. On this occasion, debate completion on the topic of scientific temper in India, good or bad was organised along with science model competition for students. Dr. Gopal Gowane, Scientist (AGB) has delivered an inspiring lecture for students. In the closing ceremony, Prizes were distributed to the winners of competitions. Dr. S.M.K. Naqvi, Chief Guest and Director of the institute explained the importance of the science day and briefed about noble achievement of Raman Effect. He also highlighted the progress made in science with special reference to agriculture and animal science. Mrs. Rathi, Principle, Kendriya Vidyalaya, mentioned serious concern of the present science education in the country. Dr. A Sahoo, head animal nutrition explained about the themes of this year for science day, i.e. fostering scientific temper & energy conservation. Scientists, officers and students actively participated in the program. Drs. Gowane, Saxena, Paswan and Mr. C.L. Meena were the winners of the debate completion. Mr. Farhaz Khan, Student, 9th class of KV has won the science model competition. The program was organized and coordinated by Er. Vinod Kadam, I/C HRD.