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Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF)

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Sr No. Name Desgnation Mobile No. Email
1. Dr S.K. Sankhyan
For Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Principal Scientist 9414311437 Sankhyan1964@gmail.com
2. Dr S.K. Sankhyan
For Nitrogen Analyzer
Principal Scientist 9414311437 Sankhyan1964@gmail.com
3 Dr. R.S. Bhatt
For G.C. Master
Principal Scientist 9413029790 Bhatt_rs@yahoo.com
4. Dr. R.S. Bhatt
For Texture analyzer
Principal Scientist 9413029790 Bhatt_rs@yahoo.com
5. Dr. R.S. Bhatt
Principal Scientist 9413029790 Bhatt_rs@yahoo.com
6. Dr. D.B. Shakyawar Principal Scientist 7355470602 dbshakya_67@yahoo.co.in
7. Dr. N. Shanmugam for SIROFAST Principal Scientist 9930353539 Shanmugam.N@icar.gov.in
8. Dr. Ajaykumar
for Single yarn strength tester
Scientist 9549869444 ajay.kumar4@icar.gov.in
9. Er. Sekhar Das
For Universal Testing Machine
Scientist 9785782127 Sekhar.das@icar.gov.in
10. Mr. Seiko Jose
for FTIR spectrophotometer
Scientist 8420075513 Seiko.jose@icar.gov.in
11. Dr. Rajiv Kumar
For Inverted Microscope
Scientist 09414045616 rajivbiotech028@gmail.com
12. Mr. Amar Singh Meena
For Inverted Microscope
Scientist 08875442262 amarsingh23@gmail.com
13 Dr G. G. Sonawane
For Real -Time PCR Machine
Principal Scientist 07568747105 sganesh413@gmail.com
14 Dr G. G. Sonawane
For Automatic Tissue Processor & Stainer
Principal Scientist 07568747105 sganesh413@gmail.com
15. Dr. Davendra Kumar
For Programmable freezing equipment
Principal Scientist 9414434361 Davendra.kumar@icar.gov.in
16. Dr. Rajani Kr Paul
For Motility Analyser
Scientist 9460549384 Rajani.Paul@icar.gov.in
17. Dr. Bahire Sangaratna
For Radio Immunoassay PC RIA mass
Scientist 9414882869 Bahire.Sanghratna@icar.gov.in
18. Dr. Kalyan De
For Portable Ultrasound machine
Scientist 9660105512 Kalyan.De@icar.gov.in
19. Dr Vijay Kumar Saxena
For Real Time PCR with accessories
Scientist 8890833785 Vijay.Saxena@icar.gov.in
20. Dr. Krishnappa Balagnur
For RIGID Laparoscopy-SET for Sheep and Got Set
Scientist 9982250644 Krishnappa.Balaganur@icar.gov.in