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BackA break through reproductive performance from a Dumba sheep

A two year aged Dumba (fat-tail) female sheep (DOB: 25.03.15) bearing a tag number D-32 gave birth to triplet (2 males and 1 female) in her second parity. The birth weights of lambs were 2.6, 2.0, and 2.2 kg respectively, totalling litter weight at birth to 6.8 kg. Other than prolificacy the ewe also had early age at first service (AFS) ie.206 days. The age at first and second lambing were 356 and 698 days respectively, accounting to the inter-lambing interval of less than one year (342 days). Both mother and lambs are healthy and an excellent mothering instinct is expressed by dam to all the three lambs. The Dumba sheep is managed under intensive stall feeding system. Dumba is hardy sheep and well adaptable to hot semi-arid environment conditions. The high reproductive efficiency, faster growth, high milk yield and good mothering instinct would make Dumba a future sheep of India for intensive sheep farming to meet the demands of nation.