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PME Cell

Function of PME Cell

  1. To coordinate and synthesize the recommendations of QRT RAC, IRC vision documents of Institute and ICAR to recommend research priorities of the institutions for  short listing priority researchable problems across crop(s) divisions/programmes, commodity /livestock etc. At institution level (Priority setting).
  2. Annual  updating and presenting the report to the Director of the Institution for assigning research projects.
  3. To coordinate and arrange for annual monitoring of each on-going project and evaluation of completed project through internal and external experts.
  4. To coordinate and arrange for technology validation and/or impact assessment of successful technology claimed by Scientist(s) through internal and external experts.
  5. Regularly sensitizing and capacity building of research managers and scientists through training programmes.
  6. Maintaining a database on all publications, technologies developed, IPRs, consultancies , projects undertaken in the past 10 years and on-going projects.

Constitution of PME Cell

  1. One Principal Scientist                                                           Incharge
  2. One to three technical officers         
  3. Required secretarial assistance

Project Monitoring and Evaluation committee (PMC)

Director                                             Chairman
All Head of Divisions                       Members
I/C PME Cell                                     Member Secretary

Function of PMC

  1. To deliberate on PME cell reports and decide on institute research priorities across crops/ divisions/ programmes/ commodities/ livestock etc. (the scientists would be required to take up projects from the list of priority research problems).
  2. To constitute a committee of 2 experts (one internal i.e. from the institute and one external ) to evaluate the progress of research projects and submit report to PME Cell in a prescribed format. This exercise need to be done every year.
  3. To constitute a committee of 2 experts (one internal i.e. from the institute and one external) to submit a report in a prescribed proforma technology validation of completed projects.
  4. Prepare annual plan and indentify scientists for capacity building in PME activities.
  5. To approve updating institute database on half yearly basis.

The committee shall meet twice in a year i.e. 1st before IRC (Feb.-March) 2nd  Sept- Oct.